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Air cooling units, shell-and-tube heat exchangers and other products from Teplohim JSC

Teplohim Company presents to its customers heat exchange equipment of its own production – air cooling units, heat exchangers, as well as many other services related to the repair, maintenance and delivery of these products. All items of this catalog can be purchased by customers today throughout the Central Black Earth region. If the customer wishes, delivery is carried out to other parts of Russia or the CIS countries. Accessories are also presented in a wide range. The company offers finned pipes, shell-and-tube heat exchangers, separate air coolers’ sections, fans and other accessories.

Advantages of cooperation with the company when ordering heat exchangers and air cooling units

It is an accepted fact that the efficiency of a manufacturing enterprise mainly depends on the functionality of its equipment. That is why we pay great attention to the quality of the goods produced, as well as the services provided. All products are manufactured using the own production facilities of Teplohim JSC by competent and responsible experts. Quality control of work is carried out by competent specialists with extensive experience and the highest level of qualification. By purchasing air cooling units, heat exchangers and other products of our company, customers can be confident in the unsurpassed reliability and functionality of the equipment.

Guarantee of quality and reliability of air cooling units, heat exchangers and other manufactured products

The production and assembly of heat exchangers, air cooling units and other equipment of this class, as well as components and individual elements, is carried out in strict accordance with the Russian National Standard and other quality standards, including international ASME. Such strict compliance guarantees all the advantages of high-quality products. We are not interested in losing our reputation for the sake of insignificant savings on materials and staff qualification. Teplohim JSC offers customers to purchase first-class equipment for various types of manufacturing and extractive industries, in particular the oil and gas industry.

Accessory components of heat exchangers and air cooling units

The catalog presents not only heat exchangers and air cooling units, but also a wide list of its components. Individual equipment parts of any parameters can be manufactured on demand. The production is carried out on the basis of the technical specification. The product will fully meet the customer’s requirements. The items for use in heating systems of residential, public and industrial buildings are also presented. Steam-water heaters are presented in a wide range. However, if there is no equipment with the required configuration in the catalog, the manufacture will be carried out according to individual parameters.

Professionally done calculation and engineering analysis of air cooling units and heat exchangers

Calculation and engineering analysis of air cooling units and heat exchangers is an extremely important procedure, the correctness of which depends on the efficiency and reliability of the equipment. Sad statistics show that some companies make the calculation of air cooling units and other heat exchange elements with the grossest mistakes. This is often due to the fact that such an important task is entrusted not to professional engineers, but to amateurs who have only a superficial understanding of this procedure. However, it is much worse when it is done intentionally. The supplier simply wants to save money on the execution of the order, and, the client then has problems in the process of operation because of such a dishonest approach. On the contrary, you can be sure in the quality of the services provided by Teplohim JSC. Our experts are highly responsible making correct calculations. They do not think about saving materials.

Malfunctions of air cooling units and heat exchangers. Repair of any complexity

Do you have any problems with the functioning of heat exchange equipment? Our qualified engineers are ready to help you. Customers are offered to repair air cooling units, heat exchangers, as well as any other related equipment. Customers can always clarify any details using the phone numbers listed on our website. The customer will be consulted on cooperation issues and informed about all conditions.