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Covers of air cooling units

What is an air cooler? It is a functional and reliable device that effectively provides heat exchange processes for a specific working environment. Bringing the substance to the desired temperature or other state of aggregation in many cases is an indispensable technological process, which is why these plants are so widely distributed in a huge number of operating production and mining enterprises.

Are you required to purchase an AC or its components? Teplohim JSC offers its customers custom-made covers for air coolers, fans and their components, tube bundles, frames, housings and other parts of heat-exchange equipment.

Spare parts for air coolers: covers, sections, as well as much more from Teplohim JSC – our own production line

Need to equip the enterprise with modern heat exchange equipment? Specialists of Teplohim JSC are ready to design and manufacture for the customer any installation of this class.

The creation of components, as well as the assembly of the device as a whole, is carried out on the company’s own production line. Equipping the latter allows you to carry out the complex technological processes required to achieve maximum product quality, for example, heat exchangers of any type or air coolers. Covers, electronic modules, tube sections and other elements can be manufactured separately, which is important, for example, when repairing an existing machine.

Covers of air coolers, sections and ABO calculation, equipping with other elements – errors are not allowed

The level of staff qualification directly depends on how well the components for air-cooling units will be manufactured. Covers, bundles of pipes, connecting elements, sections and other parts must be of such a design that exactly matches the technical structure of the machine.

As you guessed, even the smallest mistakes in this case are categorically not allowed – this will lead to a noticeable decrease in the efficiency of heat exchange equipment, as well as to a significant increase in the likelihood of emergency situations. You can not save on the quality of engineering calculations and the creation of components. The insignificant short-term benefits derived from this can incur significant repair or re-equipment costs in the future. And perhaps even in the very near.

Competent employees are the guarantor of the quality of any spare parts, including for air-cooling units: covers, sections, pipes and electrical equipment for all types of air-conditioning equipment

Before solving the tasks set by the customer, we allow only highly qualified personnel who have vast experience and professional knowledge on mechanical engineering concepts, in particular in the field of heat exchange equipment.

To cover air coolers and other ABO spare parts as much as possible in all respects, and also have high performance characteristics, the Teplohim JSC production line carries out strict quality control of all products.

However, control over the manufacturing process of devices and their components is only a small part of the work. The most difficult task is the design (calculation of ABO) of heat exchange equipment. This process allows you to accurately identify the configuration of the device design, and this will ensure high efficiency of the device when used as part of solving its main tasks. And most importantly – all this is within the power of the competent engineers of Teplohim JSC.

Repair of sections, pipes, covers of air coolers

Even the most reliable and high-quality equipment cannot function properly for ages. Sooner or later, it goes out of order, which forces them to carry out repairs, and in some cases to replace sections, pipes, electronic modules, or even covers of air coolers.

Specialists of Teplohim JSC are ready to offer their customers services in the diagnosis, repair and maintenance of heat exchangers of any complexity. Qualified employees will return the equipment to working condition within a reasonable time. If this is not possible for objective reasons, customers can purchase items to replace damaged sections.

Teplohim JSC – components for air cooling devices – covers, sections, body parts and much more

Would you like to apply for the manufacture of covers for air coolers, fans, pipe sections? You can order these and many other components for heat exchange equipment today – production is carried out in accordance with all customer requirements.

Clients can learn more about the terms of cooperation by calling the numbers on the site. The specialist will advise on any issues of interest.

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