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Air cooling units

Air coolers is a complex heat exchange device, the functional purpose of which is to cool gaseous, liquid media and vapors that take part in the technological processes of many industrial sectors. Basically, air coolers are used where the use of other cooling systems is unprofitable or technically impossible. An example is large industrial enterprises locally located away from natural sources of water. The complete set of air cooling devices may include the following elements:
  • pneumatic, manual or electric blinds;
  • automatic fan blade controller;
  • frequency converters;
  • electric motors with reversed polarity.
Depending on operating conditions and size limitations, air coolers can be designed in various versions.

Air coolers or classic heat exchangers?

As a rule, the cost of air coolers is higher than the cost of heat exchangers operating on the principle of water cooling. On the other hand, air cooling eliminates the problems of corrosion and contamination caused by the use of water. In addition, the possibility of mixing water with a process fluid requiring cooling is excluded in air-cooling units. It follows that the maintenance costs of air coolers are lower. In any case, the decision to use a specific heat exchanger is made individually for each situation.

Production of air coolers for various industries

The production of such units has been established by the company Teplohim JSC. We produce air coolers of the following types:
  • low-threaded;
  • block-modular type;
  • zigzag;
  • horizontal.
Production of air coolers is a rather complicated complex process. All equipment manufactured by us is distinguished by structural strength and operational reliability, demonstrates excellent performance indicators and fully complies with customer requirements, which ensures individual design of devices.

Features of the device air coolers

The unit consists of the following elements:
  • heat exchange sections that are installed on a common frame;
  • fans responsible for pumping air flows through the device;
  • fan drives.
Fans are located in the so-called diffusers, which determine the direction of the air flow and increase efficiency. The heat exchange section is a tube through which the medium flows, and collectors that distribute this medium in a uniform manner. Often, finned tubes are used to increase the area of ​​heat transfer surfaces. The principle of operation of air coolers is quite simple. The cooled medium enters the unit tubes, to which heat is transferred from the liquid. Then it is transmitted from the tubes to the ribs and then to the air. In this way, heat is removed to the environment.

Key benefits of air coolers

The demand and prevalence of air coolers is easily explained by a whole range of significant advantages of using such units:
  • Cost-effective energy consumption.
  • An individual solution to the problems of your production.
  • Relatively low specific metal consumption.
  • Possibility of adjustments for exact observance of a specific regime.
  • Possibility of designing devices with various configurations suitable for these operating conditions.
  • The presence of a recirculation and heating system for air entering the sections of the apparatus, which ensures its stable operation in the cold period.
  • Complete set with elements providing additional stability of work (blinds, electric motors, frequency converters).
If you require air-cooling units , Teplohim JSC is engaged in the production of such devices and does it at a high professional level, guaranteeing exceptional quality and durability of the products.