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Production of finned pipes

Pipes obtained by the finning method are used not only in heat exchangers, but also in heaters, condensers, radiators, heat recovery units, and economizers.

Advantages of finned tubes over smooth ones

After the introduction of the pipe finning method into world production, such products are recognized as more effective than smooth pipes. The main advantages of finned tubes are as follows:
  • increase in heat transfer coefficient and reduction of pipe consumption by up to 50%;
  • 30-40% reduction in heat exchanger weight;
  • an increase in the service life of the heating surface up to 3 times;
  • reduction in the speed of flue gases and, as a result, a decrease in aerodynamic drag by 20-25%;
  • lower flue gas temperature.
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Specificity of finned pipe production

Depending on the purpose, finned tubes are made of various metals. One of the most practical and therefore expensive is a finned copper pipe. The main type of finned tubes is presented in the form of a product with heat exchange elements in the form of a corkscrew. The production of finned tubes today is fully automated, and the welding process is continuous continuous seam. This greatly increases the strength of the product, which is especially important when interacting with aggressive environments. Finished finned tubes do not require additional processing. Thanks to modern welding technologies, the seam is monolithic, which means that heat transfer will occur as in a one-piece product.

Main applications for finned tubes

Owing to its high efficiency, finned tubes are actively used in many fields, including:
  • Air conditioning equipment. They are used in bulky cooling units and for condensers.
  • All kinds of heat exchangers. Most heat exchangers have this type of pipe in their design.
  • Engineering industry. Used for the production of oil coolers, refrigeration coolers, turbine compressors, etc.
  • Nuclear plants. Finned tubes are required for the stable operation of drying towers, intermediate coolers, air heaters, gas coolers.
  • Petrochemical and oil refining industry. finned pipe production requires gas heaters, gas coolers, condensers.
Production of finned tubes by Teplohim JSC is designed to meet the needs of customers in each of the above areas of activity. For our part, we guarantee the highest quality and durability of our products.