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Air coolers louvers and cooling towers - sale from the manufacturer

жалюзи The company Teplohim JSC presents its own innovative development to its customers - aluminum air coolers louvers and cooling towers from the finished profile. This is a simple but incredibly effective solution. Design work was started back in 2011, but in 2012 the drawings of the experimental products were already ready, and a little later the products went into mass production.

Ready to offer customers to purchase our own development of the highest efficiency today. To clarify any details, customers can contact us today by calling the numbers on the site. Specialists will advise in detail on all issues.



Why do I need air coolers louvers?

Air coolers louvers Air coolers louvers is not a very complicated, but extremely important design, through the use of which the level of air intake from the environment is regulated. This process greatly affects the heat transfer process, and the establishment of the desired level of "ventilation" allows you to expand the temperature range for the working environment. However, there are other advantages.

For example, in order not to overload the fans, which also consume a substantial amount of electricity, it is enough to open the louvers. The mechanism will provide an influx of cool air into the apparatus. Another thing is when it is necessary to save heat. Here the louvers need to be closed, due to which an acceptable temperature will remain in the air coolers case.



Differences between aluminum and steel air coolers louvers

In most cases, Air coolers louvers were made of carbon steel by bending or stamping sheets. Unfortunately, this technology has its significant drawbacks. These include low production accuracy, which is why many parts have to be modified, poor strength indicators, and in some cases surface instability to corrosion.

Using an aluminum profile made it possible to solve all these problems at once. At the same time, the weight of the structure also decreased. We can proudly say that no one has used such technology before us, however, thanks to the efforts of engineers of Teplohim JSC, a unique design is now available to any customer.



Order air coolers louvers made of aluminum alloys

Want to add functionality to an air cooler? Air coolers aluminum alloy Venetian louvers will be the perfect solution. The standard price for a 6 by 3 structure is about 191,000 rubles, or 10,600 rubles per square meter.

The name is available for purchase today. All details can be clarified by the phones indicated on the site.