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Calculation of air cooling devices (air coolers)

Air coolers are an indispensable element of any industrial facility, where heat transfer processes are an integral part of the production cycle. They provide the optimum temperature of the working environment for any operations related either to a change in the state of aggregation of a substance, or to “fitting” it to certain parameters. Of course, to achieve maximum accuracy of the required indicators, it is necessary to conduct complex technological processes, which are ensured by the functioning of air-cooling units . air coolers calculation is a critical procedure that can guarantee the proper performance of such equipment.

What is the calculation of the air cooling apparatus (air coolers) and its methodology

Calculation of the air cooling apparatus (air coolers) is a very voluminous set of engineering calculations aimed at identifying the parameters necessary for the operation of the equipment. They are represented by calculations that are carried out in order to identify the necessary design from the preliminary configuration of the block.

In addition, during the work, information is revealed regarding the operation of the air conditioner in certain conditions, which can be extremely important when using some working environments, in severe climatic conditions, special operating modes, and so on.

Why do we need to calculate the air coolers or air coolers

The primary task that is pursued in the calculation of the air cooling apparatus (air coolers) is to obtain the necessary data that will be required to assemble the apparatus structure, which has sufficient technical characteristics for a certain heat transfer process.

When performing air coolers calculation , first of all, the main parameters are taken into account – performance, calculated temperature and pressure. Of great importance is the choice of material of the pipes of the heat exchanger, which depends on the coolant.

Also pay attention to the volume of the internal circuit, weight and size characteristics, the surface area of ​​the heat transfer and some other aspects.

Properly performed engineering calculation will provide the enterprise with a machine, the operation of which will satisfy all the requirements set forth in the terms of reference.

Factors that are taken into account when calculating the air cooling apparatus (air coolers)


  1. First of all, pay attention to the type of pipe. The diameter and material of manufacture of the latter is selected based on the properties and temperature of the working medium. Do not forget about the corrosive properties of the substance.

  3. The second most important is the air flow, due to which the main function of the air cooling apparatus (air coolers) is provided. The calculation is carried out as follows – to obtain a uniform air flow, the area of ​​the fan should not be less than slightly less than half of the heat exchange section.

  5. Flow rate is also an important quantity. It must be selected in such a way as to provide balanced heat transfer and pressure drop.

  7. Ambient temperature directly affects air coolers operation. To minimize its negative impact, average indicators are taken that are typical for air temperature in the summer. The larger the value of this parameter, the larger the size of the heat exchange unit.

Why should air coolers be calculated only by qualified specialists?

The answer to this question is very simple – the calculation of the air cooling apparatus (air coolers) is a multi-stage and complex procedure, the implementation of which involves a huge number of calculations, development and drawing up of drawings.

Moreover, taking into account external environmental factors is of great importance. Such phenomena can fundamentally change the performance indicators of equipment, which is why they must be taken into account in advance.

The procedure for carrying out these works has a strict sequence, and each stage is characterized by a certain procedure, which is strictly forbidden to violate.

Consequences of incorrect air coolers calculation

Incorrectly performed calculation of the air cooling apparatus (air coolers) will certainly lead to a negative outcome, which can have very different consequences depending on the type of working environment and production.

Violations of the heat exchange process is the only problem with an error in the air coolers calculation , but it can lead to catastrophic difficulties. Needless to say, the construction of the apparatus itself requires quite tangible costs?

Building a car from scratch, as well as adjusting all communications for it, is also an additional waste of time, which again results in loss of finance. In addition, there is the likelihood of industrial emergencies that could provoke where