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Repair of air coolers sections

It is no secret that air coolers present at almost any production or mining enterprise can fail for a number of reasons. It is worth noting that a serious malfunction of such equipment can lead to a halt in production – both partially and completely.

Is it worth explaining what consequences this could lead to? There is no need to talk about financial losses and the need to involve qualified repairmen, and maybe even replace whole parts. You need to fix such problems as quickly as possible.

The company Teplohim JSC is ready to offer customers professional repair of air coolers sections – specialists will deal with damage efficiently and quickly at an adequate cost of services.

When maintenance or repair of air coolers sections is required

Repair of the air coolers section is usually carried out only when the equipment is completely out of order. However, a reasonable approach to the problem provides for a slightly different course of action – conducting regular preventive work.

Given the fact that air coolers often operate in adverse conditions and in aggressive environments, prevention is a necessary measure, since wear under these circumstances significantly increases.

Prevention will help to avoid frequent repair of air coolers sections , which will be much more expensive than the application of preventive measures. The latter are selected based on the characteristics of operation.

How to understand that repair of the air coolers section is necessary

This is a very multifaceted question, the answer to which may take a separate book. In short, repair of air coolers sections is carried out in cases where the patency of the pipes or their components is impaired.

Also a big problem is the depressurization of the pipe. The deterioration of patency here is not as dangerous as the ingress of the working medium outside – often such a substance can be at high temperature, pressure or have a dangerous level of toxicity, which will certainly pose a threat to personnel and equipment.

Main causes of problems in air coolers sections

Corrosion destruction of pipe walls is perhaps the most common reason for the need for repair of air coolers sections . The thing is that such devices constantly work in conditions of increased corrosion activity, which substances have either in pure form or during vapor condensation.

For the same reason, fittings and connections are subject to severe wear. Damage to the latter leads to depressurization of pipes with all the ensuing consequences.

Air coolers section malfunctions – repair and replacement of finned tubes

If a malfunction is found, it is necessary to proceed with its immediate elimination, since the process of repair of the air coolers section may take a very long time.

It is clear that changing an entire section of pipes is unreasonable because of the high costs, so you have to identify which pipe is damaged. For this, a pressing chamber is used. This method requires special equipment, but allows you to detect the exact location of the defect. The latter is subsequently eliminated, and if this is not possible, then you have to resort to replacing the pipe or other damaged element, such as a connection.

Cleaning – when repair of air coolers sections is not required

This procedure is carried out due to the formation of deposits inside the pipes. As you can understand, if you do not spend it for too long, the throughput of the structure will decrease significantly. Repair of the air coolers section is not required, but in most cases it is necessary to clean the pipes sooner or later.

The choice of cleaning method depends on many factors – the type of working medium passing through the sections of the apparatus, the material used to make the pipes, and the degree of contamination.

However, do not forget that with internal cleaning, the air cooler is completely removed from the process circuit for the duration of the work.

Methods for cleaning the air coolers sections

Cleaning the air coolers sections in several ways, depending on the nature and extent of the contamination. The simplest method is mechanical. It is made manually using a long ruff and water. If the situation requires, various cleaning additives are used.

A more complex method of internal cleaning is chemical, when washing is carried out directly using special reagents. It is important to consider the composition of substances – mixtures with high abrasive properties can damage pipes or cause metal corrosion.

External cleaning of pipes is carried out using water, various detergents, as well as compressed air. At the same time, the device itself continues to work.

What threatens untimely repair of air coolers sections?

The consequences can be very different. For example, with severe deformation of one or several pipes, we get several negative factors at once – leakage of the working medium, pressure drop, and in some