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Air coolers small flow

Air coolers small flow

Designed for condensation and cooling of vaporous, gaseous and liquid media used in technological processes of oil refining, petrochemical and other related industries, are made for the needs of the national economy and for export, including to countries with a tropical climate.
The apparatus consists of one section, assembled from bimetallic pipes, blown by a stream of air, which is pumped by an axial fan.
Climatic modification of cold and Tropical climate devices according to GOST 15150-69.
The metal supporting structure is designed for installation in areas with seismicity up to 7 points and high-speed wind pressure in the IV geographical area.
Separately, in the form of spare parts, sections with covers and fasteners and tube bundles without covers and fasteners are manufactured and delivered.
By the order of consumers, devices can be manufactured without supports, as well as with additional assembly units:

1. A set of blinds with manual or pneumatic drive;
2. Humidifier;
3. Air heater.

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Technical Specification

Coeficient Fins of tubes 9, 20
Pressure, MPa (kg/sm²) 0,6(6); 1,6(16); 2,5(25); 4,0(40); 6,3(63)
Number of rows 4, 6, 8
Number of passes 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8
Length of tubes 1,5; 3,0
area, м² 105 – 775
Diametr of axial fan, мм 800
type 4AM100S4
Power, Kwt 3
amount 1,2
Material performance We can make it in carbon steel or stainless steel