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Air coolers of block-modular type AVG-KB (AVG-BM)

Air coolers of block-modular type AVG-KB (AVG-BM)

Designed for condensation and cooling of vaporous, gaseous and liquid media in the technological processes of the oil refining, petrochemical and related industries.
The device is delivered in two units (section unit and fan unit) in full factory readiness and does not require additional assembly at the installation site.
The apparatus consists of one heat-exchange section with welded one-piece chambers. Sections are located horizontally and mounted on a metal supporting structure.
Type of climatic modification of cold and Tropical.

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Technical Specification

Coeficient Fins of tubes 9, 20
Pressure, MPa (kg/sm²) 0,6(6); 1,6(16); 2,5(25); 4,0(40); 6,3(63)
Number of heat exchange sections 1
Number of rowa 3, 4, 5, 6
Length of tubes 4, 8,12
Area, м² 440 – 5040
Diametr of axial fan, мм 2250
Power kWt 13, 15
amount 1, 2, 3
Material performance We can make it in carbon steel or stainless steel, and brass