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Participation of the sports committee of JSC Teplohim in volleyball competitions

On December 5, 2022, a series of volleyball games among physical culture students ended as part of the year-round Sports Contest of physical culture collectives of enterprises and institutions of the Borisoglebsk City District. On the basis of the Borisoglebsky sports complex, competitions between the teams of the district’s labor collectives were organized by the forces of the children’s and youth sports school.

Teams from 7 organizations took part in the competition: “CRH”, “Voronezh-45”, “Ministry of Emergency Situations”, “Olympus”, “MEZ-Tretyakov”, “Teachers” and “Teplohim”. The announced teams were divided into 2 groups. The team of JSC “Teplohim” in its group took 2nd place and reached the final. In the game for the 3rd-4th place, I lost in a stubborn struggle to the more experienced team “Olympus”.

For the sports asset of the enterprise, this game was a debut. The team of athletes consisted of amateurs, but despite this showed a good result.

The company’s sports asset was created in 2022. His ideological leader and inspirer was the head of the sales department Babintsev Alexander Andreevich.

Physical education and sports in JSC “Teplohim” are one of the elements of corporate culture. So, in the office of the enterprise, a room is allocated for table tennis, where employees come to play during their lunch break. In table tennis, internal tournaments are periodically held with subsequent awarding of winners.

Joint sport is a powerful team building tool. By supporting sports, we help employees get to know each other better, unite, and find common interests outside of work. This is a contribution to the health of our people, to their development in various fields. And in unstable times, joint training is also a good way to get rid of stress and anxiety.