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Together we bring victory closer

For almost six months now, Teplohim JSC has been operating a site for weaving camouflage nets to help SVO participants. Here, the employees of the enterprise, finding free minutes during the day, knit protective knots for our defenders, making their feasible contribution to our common victory.

The need for networks in the Northern Military District zone is very great, because this is one of the most important consumables on the front line: they help our soldiers cover equipment, dugouts and trenches from the eyes of the enemy, and this means the most important thing – they save lives.

On April 15, our “sewing battalion” was especially in a hurry, because we were completing our hundredth net. And now the anniversary network is ready and filmed! Very soon, she and other similar networks connected by people of our city with caring hearts will go to the soldiers with a humanitarian convoy.

Camouflage networks are the lives of fighters. The guys there protect us, so our job is to protect them here, make them invisible to the enemy, try to cover them with these nets, like the wings of guardian angels.

Spend a few hours of your time to save someone’s life!

And today we started a new network. And so every day, until the victory, which will definitely be ours!