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Let’s make our favorite city cleaner!

Spring, April, time of awakening and transformation. Nature is renewed, and man helps it with this.

So, on April 19, as part of the beautification month announced in our city, employees of Teplohim JSC, armed with rakes, shovels, saws and brooms, cleaned the public area adjacent to the enterprise and assigned to it.

During the cleanup work, work was carried out to clean up last year’s leaves and grass, cut down dead wood, and paint poles and fences. Upon completion, all collected waste was packed into bags and loaded onto special equipment.

In total, during the work, 0.3 hectares of territory were cleaned and 4 cubic meters of garbage were collected.

Such events contribute to the formation of a sense of responsibility of each member of society for the state of the environment and improve the culture of behavior. Beautification Month is a time for shared unity to transform our environment, transforming it, making it livable and inspiring us to care for it.