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A journey into the world of production and childhood memories

In the last week of May, our plant opened its doors to the youngest guests – the children of our employees. Taking into account the large number of applicants, the excursions were carried out over three days with children distributed by age groups. And these days became a real holiday for the children who immersed themselves in the wonderful world of production, and also reminded adults of the times when they themselves came to their parents to work as children, receiving a lot of impressions.

For many of us, going to see our parents at work has left an indelible mark on our memories. We remember those days when, with bated breath, we crossed the threshold of the enterprise where our mothers and fathers worked. Long corridors, bright offices or large machines, bulky mechanisms, people in uniform, smells and sounds – all this seemed so mysterious and interesting. We watched with admiration the adults’ work, feeling like we were part of something important and meaningful.

Now it’s our turn to pass on these feelings to the next generation. Having gathered at the entrance of the plant, the children were looking forward to the start of the excursion. They were greeted by a support group – experienced employees who enthusiastically agreed to take the guys around the production workshops and tell them about the work of the enterprise.

The guests were greeted by a cheerful orange giant crane at the finished goods warehouse and, looking at it, the group went to the production site, where the production manager greeted the children and showed them around their premises.

By a happy coincidence, just during this period, the control assembly of a block of air-cooling devices was completed at the enterprise site, and the children had a unique opportunity to see the finished equipment assembled, the way it would be installed in the future in the vastness of the far north. And against the background of the huge block, the little people seemed even smaller; they lifted their smiling faces with interest and admiration, examining it.

Next, the guys toured the main warehouse for storing materials and components, and then the excursion continued in the pipe shop, where finned pipe is manufactured and washed – the main structural element of air cooling units.

At the CNC machine section, children saw how complex parts are created from simple metal blanks using modern machines and technologies. They learned the importance of precision and quality at every stage of work to ensure product reliability and longevity.

In the third workshop, children were able to see the painting booth and sandblasting booth, and in the assembly workshop they were able to see the final stages of equipment manufacturing.

The production manager told the young guests how each part goes through many stages of processing and quality control before becoming part of the final product. The guys asked questions with interest, amazed at how complex and technologically advanced the production process can be.

Then, tired by the already very summer sun, the young Teplokhimovites went to the administrative office building, where the children were shown through the offices of the designers, accounting, marketing, and supply departments, and told about their work.

And along the entire route, the children met their mothers, fathers and grandmothers, they could see what they do in their working days and take a warm family photo.

The guys managed to look into the office of the general director himself! Here Vladimir Vyacheslavovich gave them good instructions about how important it is to study, to dig into knowledge in order to achieve success in life. It is touching that the general director thoroughly prepared for the arrival of the little guests, stocking up on sweets for them, which the excited children snapped up without any extra persuasion.

And after an exciting excursion, the children were treated to a pleasant surprise – pizza and juices. The guys had a snack with pleasure, discussing with each other what they saw and sharing their impressions. This moment was a great opportunity for them to make friends and get to know each other better.

Activities such as excursions for employees’ children are very important. They not only introduce them to the work of their parents and the enterprise, but also develop their respect for work and interest in engineering and technical professions. It is also a great way to strengthen the bond between employees and their families, creating an atmosphere of unity and cohesion.

For children, this is not just an excursion, but an opportunity to feel like they are part of a big and important business, to understand what their parents do, and, perhaps, to be inspired to choose a future profession. For parents, this is a reason to be proud of their work and see joy and interest in the eyes of their children.

This excursion became an unforgettable event that brought joy to both children and adults; it reminded everyone of how important family traditions and continuity of generations are, and showed that the plant is not only a place of work, but also a big friendly family.