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Congratulations to the heroes of the day

The gloomy rainy morning of Monday, April 15 at JSC Teplohim was decorated and warmed with flowers and smiles: today we celebrated our heroes of the day.

On this day, procurement manager Sergei Vladimirovich Angeloglou was congratulated on his personal anniversary. On behalf of the entire team, we wish Sergei Vladimirovich creative inspiration, success in work and personal life, good luck, fulfillment of desires, health, perseverance, understanding and support of loved ones! Let every day bring positive moments and self-confidence.

Today we congratulate the legal adviser of Teplohim JSC Natalya Vladimirovna Katasonova on her tenth anniversary of work at the enterprise. During her work, Natalya Vladimirovna proved herself to be a reliable and responsible specialist, an energetic and cheerful person. Natalya is the real sun of our team: bright in her work and creativity, warm in her communication and friendship. On this day, from the entire team we wish you new achievements, good luck in all your endeavors, good health, and to shine even brighter to the envy of everyone. Let every day bring joy from work and satisfaction from the results achieved.