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Open boxing tournament in honor of the Great Martyr George the Victorious in the city of Uvarovo

On May 30, an open boxing tournament among young men was held in the city of Uvarovo for prizes from the youth department of the Uvarov diocese, dedicated to the Great Martyr George the Victorious. The Borisoglebsk team was represented at the competition by students of the sports club “RATIBOR” SSHOR 33, consisting of 11 people under the guidance of coaches Alexey Kochetkov and Alexander Popov.

The opening of the event began with the ceremonial formation and performance of the anthem of the Russian Federation. The head of the education department of the city of Uvarovo, Natalya Nechaeva, the chief judge of the competition, Alexander Popov, and the head of the youth department of the Uvarovo diocese, priest Anthony Lukoshin, addressed the participants and guests of the competition with a welcoming speech, who congratulated the athletes on the opening of the tournament and wished them good luck.

A total of about eighty athletes from the Tambov and Voronezh regions took part in the competition.

The boys, still very young, just starting their journey in sports, entered the ring to show everything they were capable of. They were full of determination and confidence in their abilities.

Every fight was a real work of art. The boys fought with such passion and courage that the audience could hardly hold back their tears. They overcame their fears and insecurities to prove to themselves and the world that age is not a barrier to achieving great goals. And how brightly the faces of the winners shone with happiness. Today they won not only medals, but also the hearts of everyone present. The looks of proud parents and coaches were filled with joy and admiration.

Our team, as always, demonstrated the highest level of preparation, winning a whole constellation of medals:

Mikhail Kotikov 1st place

Goltsov Egor 1st place

Pozhidaev Arseniy 1st place

Nikita Zaitsev 1st place

Mikhail Gorensky 2nd place

Koshelev Fedor 2nd place

Bogoslovsky Stepan 2nd place

Makeev Danila 2nd place

Moskaltsov Stepan 2nd place

Pervushin Matvey 2nd place

Popov Ilya 2nd place

Congratulations, little heroes! Your achievements are not only victories in sports, but also a symbol that courage and determination can overcome any obstacles.

May your road be decorated with new trophies and achievements. Remember that you are capable of more than your young imagination can imagine. And someday you will become an inspiration to others, proving to them that the impossible becomes possible.