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Our strength is in unity

In these times of constant change and challenges, it is especially important to remember the importance of unity, cohesion and kindness.

The other day, the management of Teplohim JSC received a request from the April camouflage net manufacturing workshop for help with the delivery of spandbond.

And this is not just a matter of saving money, of which the volunteer association already has every ruble in its account, but also time, which is now even more important, since a delay in the delivery of material jeopardizes the timing of execution of orders on the network from our guys in the venue area SVO, but every camouflage net can become a life saved.

Therefore, the company readily responded to this request and provided its own vehicle with a driver for delivery and assistance in unloading the material.

Now the material is already in the workshop, which means that now there is a lot of work ahead again on making nets – protective wings of angels for our fighters.