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Best Taxpayer for 2023

The administration of the Borisoglebsk urban district has summed up the results of the traditional competition “Best Taxpayer” based on the results of work for 2023.

The competition was held in two categories: “Industrial enterprises” with the award of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, and “Medium and small business enterprises” with the determination of one winner each in the main sectors of activity: industry, trade and consumer services, public utilities, construction and road construction, agriculture.

And in the category “Industrial Enterprises” the first place was awarded to Teplohim JSC!

When summing up the results, the competition commission paid special attention to the volume of taxes paid to the regional budget and the budget of the city district, the volume of production (contract work, services provided, turnover), the amount of taxes per one ruble of products produced (1 employee). The criteria for assessing the performance of competition participants also included indicators of profit (income) received in 2023 and the level of average wage achieved.

Participants in the competition were considered not only by the absolute values of individual indicators of financial and economic activity, but also by the growth rate of these indicators compared to 2022. The commission also took into account payment discipline regarding the fulfillment of tax payment obligations by enterprises.

And the Chairman of the Russian Government, Mikhail Vladimirovich Mishustin, spoke very precisely about the importance of taxes: “The main thing is to understand that taxes are the contribution of every person to the development and prosperity of our country.”

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