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Year of creation

July 3 marked exactly one year since the establishment of the Council for Socio-Economic Development and Public Relations at the enterprise. Initially, the Council was created as a consultative and advisory body, the activities of which are aimed at solving a set of tasks related to solving issues of organizing humanitarian and charitable assistance, interaction with the media, government bodies at all levels, and the formation of a corporate culture and image of the enterprise.

The Council included activists of the enterprise from different fields of knowledge in order to take upon themselves the opportunity and responsibility for coordinating the efforts of all employees of the plant, laying a creative path for our activities that go beyond the scope of production processes, and somewhere they completely carried out all the work in a number of areas .

And now, summing up the results of the year of work, we can confidently say that the Council has successfully completed its “election program”, while at the same time demonstrating its significance and effectiveness for the enterprise.

One of the first decisions of the Council was to provide support to SBO participants on a regular monthly basis. And we are certainly proud of our workforce, for the fact that each of the employees warmly responded to this decision, helping to raise funds as much as possible when forming a budget for these purposes.

We organized a site for weaving camouflage nets and ponchos and making dry army showers. And during this time, our factory workers, one might say, received another specialty, becoming real masters of this sewing battalion:

158 camouflage nets,

23 ponchos,

4,065 army shower sets.

We met many volunteers – these amazing people with boiling blood, and were even more infected with the passion for goodness, which has now become an integral part of our corporate culture.

We sent food, hygiene products, walkie-talkies, thermal imagers, generators, letters from our children and much more to the guys for the ribbon. But the main thing is that with each cargo we sent them our warmth and support.

A long time ago in Rus’, a tradition arose for soldiers leaving for battle to take with them a carefully wrapped handful of their native land – this piece of home that reminds you of what you are fighting for and gives strength and courage. And each of the goods we transfer is for them the same handful of native land, a white dove that has flown from their native porch, which gives hope and faith that they remember and wait for you, gives strength to hold on and rage to fight.

And our support was appreciated not only by the soldiers who sent us warm news from the battlefields, but also marked by a letter of gratitude from the plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal District.

We turned our enterprise towards our hometown, actively helping in the implementation of current projects, providing financial assistance to charitable foundations, schools, children’s sports organizations, volunteer associations for helping homeless animals, and the Church of the Holy Princes Boris and Gleb. With the financial support of Teplohim JSC, an installation of the symbol of the Great Victory – “Katyusha” – appeared in our Park of Patriots.

Our corporate life has become brighter this year: we conducted excursions for our children, planted forests, organized competitions and sweepstakes, competed, won, celebrated holidays and memorable dates.

And all this time, while we were trying to do as much as possible, each time we wanted to share our joy with you and find like-minded people, actively covering our activities on the corporate website, and our VKontakte community already has 2,940 subscribers.

And if over the previous 12 months only 44 news were published on our website, then during the same period of the Council’s existence there were already 170 of them! And these are not just notes – each of them is an event.

And the name “Teplokhim” began to ring louder; local communities and regional media mentioned us. This means that we have chosen the right course, creating, and most importantly, setting an example for others, so that together we can make the world around us a better place.