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Information and communication technologies in Borisoglebsk

In 2019 Borisoglebsky technical school of industrial and information technologies became the winner of the Federal grant competition aimed at developing the material and technical base of SPO institutions. As part of the grant, the technical school received funding from the Federal budget, extra-budgetary funds of the technical school and funds from partner enterprises. The management of JSC Teplohim supported the technical school and became one of the partner companies. the amount of financial support from the company amounted to 100 thousand rubles.

Thanks to the victory in the competition, on October 30, 2020 in Borisoglebsk, the Grand opening of the newly created five workshops in the direction of “Information and communication technologies” was held on the basis of the 4th academic building of the technical school, where the Director of the gbpou VO BTPIT Serdyuk Marina Albertovna expressed her gratitude to the management of JSC “Teplohim” for the support and assistance provided to the technical school staff in implementing the initiative to create specialized workshops in 2020.