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Chief Accountant Day

On April 21, chief accountants celebrate their professional holiday.

Timed to coincide with the holiday, the Borisoglebsky Bulletin published a publication about several prominent representatives of this difficult profession from enterprises in our city, and one of them was the chief accountant of Teplohim JSC – Olga Vladimirovna Shtanko.

In the article, Olga Vladimirovna told how she came into the profession and why she fell in love with it. The general director of the enterprise, Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Kolomiets, also gave a warm comment about her work and character qualities in the note:

“Olga Vladimirovna is a true professional in her field. And this is a truly unique person who combines rare character traits. Male perseverance, will, and inquisitive mind are harmoniously intertwined in her with female responsiveness, kindness and love of life.”

With great respect and warmth from the management and team of Teplohim JSC, we congratulate Olga Vladimirovna on her professional holiday. We wish her success in all her endeavors, not to lose her sense of humor and feminine charm, energy to bring all her creative plans to life. Let any tasks be solved with ease, your health will not fail, and your energy will not run out.

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