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Terms of Reference for the development of capacitive equipment (tanks and vessels)

Appendix B (required)

Teplohim Company is engaged in the production of heat exchangers, and also produces capacitive equipment for the chemical and oil and gas processing industry.

Required Information Customer data
1. Equipment name (or designation according to technical specifications, Industrial Standard, Russian National State Standard, catalog)
2. Purpose of the equipment
3. Volume, cubic meters:
4. Characteristics of the working environment:
Physical condition:
Composition, concentration, percentage of density, kg/m³
Does the medium cause?

  • corrosion cracking
  • intercrystalline corrosion
Boiling point, at a pressure of 0.07 Mpa (0.7 kilogram force / cm²), °C
Hazard class of harmful substances according to the Russian National State Standard 12.1.007-76
Explosion hazard category and group according to the Russian National State Standard 12.1.011-78
Fire hazard according to the Russian National State Standard 12.1.004-91
5. Operating parameters of the medium:
operating pressure, MPa (kilogram force / cm²)
operating temperature, °C
6. Device type:
7. Inner diameter of the shell, mm:
8. Shape:
9. Heating:
jacket (height or inner diameter or heating surface)
coil (inner, outer, heat exchange surface or pipe diameter and number of turns)
10. Type of agitator:
Rotation speed (rpm)
Electric motor power (kW)
11. Type of supports, number of supports:
for horizontal units

for vertical units

12. Overall dimensions of the equipment, mm: length * width * height
13. Material design: *
Housing material
Corrosion rate, mm/year
Residual shell material
Corrosion rate, mm/year
14. Thermal insulation **:
Thickness of thermal insulation, mm:
Welding of its fastening parts:
15. Stairs and
service platforms
16. Fittings, hatches: ,
departure (length)
conditional passage (mm)
conditional pressure (kilogram force / cm²)
17. The need to install a level indicator
18. The average temperature of the coldest five-day period, °C
19. The minimum temperature that the wall of the device can accept in working conditions, °C
20. Special requirements for food equipment:
1) The need for polishing:
internal surface
internal welds
2) Delivery with a hygiene certificate
21. Additional requirements of the customer:
1. Manufacturing requirements, acceptance rules and control methods according to Industrial Standard 26-291-94
2. For vessels subordinated to the State Committee for Industrial and Mining Safety Supervision, manufacture taking into account the requirements of Safety Regulation 10-115-96 “Rules for the design and safe operation of pressure vessels”
* Materials can be selected by the manufacturer and agreed with the Customer
** Thermal insulation material is not supplied
Contact phone number (obligatory)

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