Home News Assistance to Borisoglebskaya CRH in the era of the pandemic

Assistance to Borisoglebskaya CRH in the era of the pandemic

2020 is overshadowed by the rapid spread of the new COVID-19 coronavirus infection around the world. The fight against coronavirus is actively conducted by government agencies, but at the moment the numbers of people infected with this infection are disappointing – it is almost 188 thousand infected with COVID-19 in Russia and 766 people in the Voronezh region. Hospitals are mobilized, and every day new cases require the undivided attention of doctors. Long shifts, lack of personal protective equipment, hard and dangerous work among infected people-the work of medical workers deserves respect and admiration! Across the country, foundations, entrepreneurs and citizens are trying to support doctors in all possible ways.

JSC “Teplohim” could not stay away from the fight against coronavirus and purchased a “Rhythm-100″artificial lung ventilation device for the needs of doctors. On may 7, 2020, a representative of the company, represented by the head of the South-Eastern district Artemieva S. A., handed over medical equipment to the employees of the Borisoglebskaya CRH.

The coronavirus pandemic has United us, so support from businesses, possible help from volunteers and charity events help doctors save people’s lives every day!